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SEAN CHEETHAM (click here to go to his web site)

Alla Prima Portrait Painting


KATE ZAMBRANO (click here to go to her website)

The Portrait: Drawing Without Rules

date: October 25 - 28

Tuition: $750

All levels

The first 2 days will be taught by Kate. Do you love creating but feel inundated by learning the rules? Have you wanted to improve your portraits but aren't sure where to start? 


In this class, I will go over techniques that alleviate the self-induced pressure we have while working. I will demonstrate ways to create an atmospheric portrait in a way that will allow us to get out of our heads and enjoy the process more. With these tips and tricks, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fun parts of drawing to create a strong and unique portrait.


Kate's materials list

The next 2 days workshop will focus on learning to paint a portrait from life in oil.  Sean uses a very distinct palette, called a “mud-Palette” when working. This palette will be discussed extensively throughout the workshop.  The benefits of working with this palette are value and color control.  Through a simple step-by-step process to portrait painting, Sean will discuss harmony and unity in your final piece, composition, drawing, likeness, organizing your palette, color mixing, value, edges, and producing a completed portrait.

Sean's materials list

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