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Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio Mission Statement:
We are committed to providing the best educational experience in the representational arts with workshops, classes and exceptional instructors in the beautiful environment of Whidbey Island.

Cary and Sieb Jurriaans are the owners of WIFAS. In 2006, the school was started as the Fall City Fine Art Studio in Washington. It was relocated to Langley, Whidbey Island in 2009. For more information on Cary and her artwork, click on the link below:

For more information on Langley: and
Why Choose WIFAS?

Why Choose WIFAS?

Nourishment for Your Soul
With so many art workshops across the country, and even internationally, choosing the right instructor and setting for an art class can be overwhelming. Why come to Whidbey Island for your next art class? What sets Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio (WIFAS) apart from other art studies offering art workshops? Our motto “Feeding the Artist Soul” sums up what we do. A workshop at WIFAS will feed your artist soul in three unique ways.
One: Our Picturesque, Pastoral Setting on Whidbey Island
located across the Puget Sound just 30 miles from Seattle, is a wonderful place for relaxation and tranquility. WIFAS’s location in Langley, a quaint historical village, offers views of the water. In addition, the island’s farms, forests, bluffs, and beaches provide the foregrounds to many aquatic vistas. The quiet and romantic surroundings that are so much a part of the Whidbey experience help to restore and feed every artist’s soul. Coming to a workshop at WIFAS is like taking a relaxing vacation with picturesque gardens and farms, and water, island, and mountain views in every direction.
Two: Personalized Approach

Each workshop offered at WIFAS includes personalized instruction for the artists in attendance. There is always plenty of room for everyone to have their own easel with elbow room to allow creative juices to flow. We place an emphasis on utilizing seasoned artists who provide good instruction delivered in such a manner that it sticks with our attendees long after they go home, continuing to strengthen and nourish each soul. In addition, WIFAS ensures that our students’ needs are attended to, from delicious snacks to personal questions answered.
Three: Class Dinner

Every workshop of 3 days or more includes a social event hosted by Cary and Sieb Jurriaans at their home where instructor and students, including spouses, mingle over wine, cheese and an array of appetizers.  For many students, this event is a highlight of their time at WIFAS as they get to interact with their instructor and the other students in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.  We guarantee the food and drinks will be delicious, ensuring that it feeds your soul as well as your stomach.
You can find a list of our upcoming workshops by clicking here.
Words of Praise

Words of Praise

"I always have trouble  finding a class or workshop that skips the beginning level. I’m grateful that WIFAS offered me the chance to see demos by a noted professional painter daily and to try my hand at applying what I have seen, with the very same artist looking over my shoulder. 
PS: Cary, I loved the wine that was served at the dinner at your house."

"I learned to think about not just connecting the objects to each other in a still life, but to think ahead about something about myself I want to connect to the painting, then use that as a genuine way to select the objects and arrange them in a way that expresses something to me. Ultimately, I am sure that will relay a stronger painting to the viewer." I learned that one should always have a story or event that the still life is about before starting the painting. Also using a shadow box is really helpful."

"Your group logistics were great. Even though the island surrounds itself with beautiful bays and deep rural expanses, you took us to a couple places beyond visitor access where I captured scenes less commonly seen and just as beautiful. Many of the locations could keep landscape painters occupied for the whole week."

"Thanks so much for a great class.  It is always challenging but so very good to work outside of your comfort zone.  I truly believe that I have learned a lot about pushing color, about attending to and using the 'tools'  And it was all so much fun!"

"You were a very "approachable" host and studio owner... not aloof or patronizing. Rather, you were sincerely friendly and helpful. Thanks again for holding an excellent workshop."

"Thank you again so much, Cary, for letting us visit your beautiful studio. That was fun! And thank you for your wonderful hospitality, refreshments and having readily on hand anything we forgot. David is a not only a great artist but a very good communicator also. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who's interested in the future."

"Last week I attended a six day workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio in Langly WA on Whidbey Island. This was my second workshop at the Studio and once again it was very well organized and the venue was well laid out with lots of room. They do a great job and I recommend them for workshops. I took our RV and parked in the fairground where the workshop took place, very inexpensive to stay there"! (Student)

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"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful workshop.The space, the light and smells have all been challenges in other spaces I have taken courses in. Your space excels in all three!!!  And to watch such a great painter!

"This is the second time I’ve attended one of your workshops and every time I feel like I’ve taken a mini-vacation. I look forward to getting on the ferry every morning and to another peaceful ferry ride back in the afternoons. The view is amazing and so relaxing (I often spot seals along the way). The best part is that when it’s all over and I’m home, I feel that I’ve seriously grown as an artist. Thanks again for the “to-die-for” cakes you bake every morning. I can still taste the coconut and pineapple and can’t wait to go back for more!"

"The venue was spacious, comfortable and well ventilated. Even the easels and lights that were provided were sturdy and perfect for the exercises. It was great having monitors to help out too. They were most helpful and refreshments were always plentiful. Langley was charming, convenient, and friendly. The restaurants and cafes offered healthy tasty and affordable menus. There were lots of art galleries featuring the local talent. Finally, thank you for opening your lovely home to the workshop participants for Wednesday dinner. I highly recommend WIFAS to all my art friends."

"I was just reminiscing on my trip to whidbey and decided to write and thank you once again for the wonderful arrangement you provided us.  Not only the workshop was great but you are also the best host.  wish you lots of success..."

"Lovely to come back to Whidbey, thanks for your hospitality. You did an amazing job with the organization, very professional."

"Thank you so much for sponsoring Michael Reardon's workshop this past weekend. It was so well done and the food that you made was great. I loved your little neck of the woods... even the rabbits that munched outside our window. I also wanted to thank you for having our cocktail party Saturday night. By that time, a glass of wine was a real treat! Here's to may more workshops with you."

"I LOVED the workshop and honestly can't think of one thing I would have changed. You thought of everything!"

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