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Current Classes

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When:  Thursdays from 10-12.30 and 12.30-4 pm

Where:  WIFAS studio , 813 Edgecliff Drive, Langley, WA

Cost:  $80 whole day; $40 half day

Skill Level: All levels

This coaching & mentoring program is for beginner and advanced, youth to adult. This is not general instruction but rather a personal approach to addressing the needs and goals of the individual at their level.  

In painting, we begin with a clear understanding of values using a limited palette.  Drawing, composition and shading are essential for all observational art. Drawing will start with the basics,  master copies and cast drawing.


"After retiring to Whidbey Island, I discovered Whidbey Island Fine Arts Studio in Langley.  Having always had an interest and some ability in art, I was happy to find that it had an affordable ongoing atelier/mentoring program.   I spent two years working with Cary Jurriaans starting with honing basic drawing skills in pencil and charcoal;  and progressing to learning Old Master techniques in oils.  I worked once/week with Cary and a handful of other island artists in a supportive, congenial environment of gentle guidance and encouragement one-on-one with Cary.   I have found success in my art, personally and professionally which continues to enrich my life.   This would never have happened without WIFAS and Cary's unique atelier program.  I recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn or improve oil painting techniques".


Claudia Mitchell, Freeland, WA

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Testimonials about Cary's mentoring program

"I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful experience. It simply drives home the importance of good instruction with serious artists! I have never seen such a good portrait demonstration!"

"It was a wonderful workshop. What a beautiful island. It was such a nice break! Ned was very informative and personable. And everywhere I go now I look for shapes and color values. It's like losing your golf ball. You look for it everywhere you go."

"Thanks for putting this workshop together and being a terrific host. Look forward to seeing you again and enjoying another workshop."

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"Thanks so much for putting on a wonderful really took customer service to a new level! You were so kind and generous and I really appreciate that. The workshop was wonderful I learned a ton and I hope I can make it up to Langley next year for more fun and learning. And painting on the coast would be just gorgeous, and I LOVE boats at marina's...."

"I wanted to thank you for hosting this workshop. It couldn't have been more perfect. The instruction was amazing. That was a great partnership of John and George. They worked really hard to make us better than we thought we could be."

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To learn to draw or paint in oils for beginner to intermediate, we have a weekly mentorship class with Cary Jurriaans either for half a day or a full day.


The idea is that rather than providing a structured teaching program the instructor helps the student achieve what they wish to achieve on a completely individual basis. This involves always drawing or painting from life not photos. The instructor will paint /draw along with the students as well as guide them.


Current Classes
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