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DOMINIQUE MEDICI (click here to go to her web site)

Portrait painting with a limited palette

Date: August 9 - 11

Tuition fee: $550 (excludes model fee)

skill levels: all levels

In this 3 day Alla Prima workshop we learn how to demystify portrait painting and break down the pose into manageable steps by using a systematic 4 step process. We learn how to accurately mix any color by working with a limited palette of 7 colors.


The primary palette will deepen our understanding of the relationship between hue value, chroma. and will learn how to mix flesh tones in 3 simple steps. We will paint 1 or 2 portraits per day and learn how to get a good likeness in a limited time frame.

In this workshop you will learn how to…

  • Simplify and translate proportions from 3d- 2d

  • Average and mass values shapes

  • Create 4 types of contrast in your painting

  • Mix any color in just 3 steps

  • interpreting colors when they aren't obvious

  • How to troubleshoot when things go awry

This workshop includes demo’s and critiques on a daily basis


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