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Stacy Kamin (click here to go to her web site)


Date: May 10 - 12

Tuition: $450

Skill level: all levels

In this still life painting class, Stacy Kamin will teach you the necessary elements for making a painting strong and painterly. She will discuss how to organize a palette, how to mix color and how to achieve color harmony while learning about values and color temperature.


Stacy will help you learn how to make beautiful brushstrokes, which will increase your confidence as a painter. She will teach you how to create form, paint light, shadows and planes, and all while learning about hard and soft edges. Stacy will show you how to set up a still life that is guided by a visual idea.


She will demonstrate how to paint an idea instead of just painting a collection of unrelated objects. With her warm, engaging personality, Stacy will simplify how you think about painting and make becoming an artist seem possible!


There will be demonstrations and daily individual critiques.




Materials List

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