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RICKY MUJICA (click here to go to his web site)

Living Portraits: Bringing People to Life

August 28 - 31
Tuition: $750
Skill level: all levels

Join my  4-day painting workshop, where I'll show you how to paint
people step-by-step and give them life. Forget about needing tons of
paint colors; we'll use 6 colors plus white to mix any color we want.
We'll check out how colors work together and how to efficiently mix
your colors so that you are efficient with your colors, with your
palette space, and with your time. I’ll show you a simple technique
for mixing on your palette that gives you tremendous control over your
Each day we’ll start with a demo, some exercises to develop your
ability to get proportions, to mix, and to develop your brush strokes
and paint application. We’ll work on getting the essence of the person
while creating a more colorful, more sculptural painting, without
making it look like a photo.

Here's what you'll learn to do:

How to apply painting in a painterly way
How to see the proportions using advanced comparative measuring
Exercises that will strengthen you eye for proportions
How to see real color
Exercises that will strengthen your eye for color
The correct way to mix color
Understand light and the terminator
Plus you’ll get personalized instruction and feedback on your paintings.

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