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MICHELE BYRNE (click here to go to her web site)


Date: April 15 - 17

Tuition: $450

Skill level: all levels

This workshop will teach you how to make dramatic impressionistic paintings with palette knife and impressionistic brushwork. You will also learn how to add figures to your work in a loose style showing movement and excitement!


First you will learn how to design your painting through value and strong composition – leading your eye through the painting to tell a story.  Basic perspective will also be covered.

You are the director, and in this class you’ll learn how to direct the viewers’ eye through your work.


This class will be FUN and you’ll learn to be BOLD and daring with various techniques.  Learn how to hold the knife and manipulate the paint using various tools.  Many short demo’s and one-on-one work with students will be included each day.


Figures in motion create paintings with life and energy!


Materials List

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