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ALEAH CHAPIN ( click here to visit her web site)


Date: October 6 - 10

Tuition: $750

Skill level: all levels

Why is it that we paint and don’t just take photographs when our goal is realism? Because paint breathes life into an image. Each brush mark is made with intention, and the accidents that inherently happen are the cornerstone to a painting feeling alive.


In this 5 day intensive workshop, we will explore how to bring our paintings to life, even when using photography as our reference. This workshop is designed to be different from most figurative painting workshops. We will zoom in and scale up from traditional figurative painting, abstracting the body so we can focus on the language of skin. This class will be about the dance between intention and impulse, control and abandon, so we learn to create paintings that feel alive, in every sense of that word.


At least some oil painting experience is recommended but not required.


Materials List