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SCOTT CONARY(click here to go to his web site)

More than a Still Life 

Date: May 17 - 19

Tuition: $550

Skill level: all levels

One more spot left, first come first serve!

In this three-day workshop, we will explore and play with the language of painting, from the abstract to the ‘real’, to find ways to create more dynamic and engaging work with weight, form, space. In each session, with a focus on developing work that presence, we will tackle a different aspect of the painting puzzle from embracing process and revision, to extracting more from the materials to the challenges of perceiving and conveying light and color, to the power of our own motivations.


We will draw, paint, discuss, make some messes and, when appropriate, critique. The goal is always to make that more personal work that shares, however boldly or sensitively, our love and interest in a subject and the act of painting.


Students can choose to work from life and photographs of their choosing.

Materials List

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