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SARAH SEDWICK (click here to go to her website)

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Loose Realism: Painting the Still Life in Oils

April 21 - 23


Skill level: all levels

Paint looser and more confidently during this three-day workshop with Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick! Take a step-by-step approach to alla prima oil painting, from black-and-white studies to brilliant color. Build a beautiful composition with life and movement, and get a new perspective on the still life. Instead of struggling with overworking your paintings, practice STOPPING SOONER to keep the freshness you crave in your work!


Working with a split-primary palette of six colors and white, explore how creating quick studies and using bigger brushes can loosen up your paintings. Learn the fundamentals of composition design, and walk step-by-step through Sarah’s alla prima process, creating a dynamic still life from start to finish!


Sarah will demonstrate, and work with each student individually. Instruction is in oils, and acrylics are welcome - particularly open acrylics, that stay wet longer.


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