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Learn more about REMBRANDT OIL COLORS professional artist oils by ROYAL TALENS 



and yes.... it ain't much if it ain't DUTCH!!!!!

August 6,  10am - 1pm

no charge

For artists at all levels

Infinite Freedom in oil painting means having a choice, to paint traditionally or solvent free. It's a choice today that does not involve sacrificing quality of materials for your health or the environment.

Traditional oils offer a unique experience of engaging with a material that has been in the making for over 1500 years. 

Water mixable oils utilize a centuries old technology that enables you to continue to enjoy the same experience without the use of solvents, and for many, this obliterates an obstacle that has prevented them from enjoying the singular pleasure of painting in oils. In this 1/2 day, we will explore both as one medium and distinguish them as manifestations of the same painting ideal. 


The PRESENTATION will include an informative presentation, a hands-on participatory demonstration of materials, and free samples to take home with you and explore on your own. Open to painters just starting out or well into their practice.


 Jeff Olsen holds a BA and MFA in painting and drawing and is a working artist exhibiting for more than thirty years. He has more than a decade of college and university teaching experience in studio art, and more than twenty years in the art material industry with product expertise in a variety of mediums; Olson’s lectures deliver meaningful insights into the history, development, and application of artists’ materials. 


The mission of Royal Talens, founded in 1899, is to facilitate and stimulate creative expression in painting and drawing. We market inspiring and innovative top-quality products including Van Gogh Oils and Amsterdam Acrylics. Talens’ Art Education mission is to provide “resources for artists and instructors that engage, inform and inspire artistic experimentation and expression.”