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The Alchemy of Oil Painting 



and yes.... it ain't much if it ain't DUTCH!!!!!

August 7,  10am - 1pm with complimentary lunch

no charge

For artists at all levels

Rembrandt Paint samples will be provided

Did you know oil paintings have been discovered dating back to the Seventh Century CE, well before the Renaissance in Western Europe? Did you know most problems oil painters experience result from a poorly prepared ground? Do you know what "oil shed' is, why it occurs and how to work with it? Join Artist and Royal Talens Art Education Director Jeff Olson, for a journey into the Alchemy of oil paint.


Alchemy is defined as the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It is in this, the idea of transformation, that oil painting most reflects this ancient pursuit. Also, the perception of oil painting as an intricate chemistry fit only for the advanced artist, has created a sense of mystery akin to that which surrounds alchemy. 


It is true that the practice of oil painting requires some basic understandings of the materials involved, but it is by no means out of reach to anyone with a willingness to learn its secrets. 


Along with this informative and revealing look into the history of oil painting, it's composition and the working properties of the medium. The workshop will include a demonstration, hands on activities, and participants will receive free samples to take home with them to continue their exploration.


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