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Fairyland 3 Tests Booklet Rar




The Fairyland of Stories CD is an integral part of the Fairyland games. It has six original fairy tales in the original tale format, that you can listen to while playing the game. It also has a large number of additional bonus games, such as the Mini-games, Classic Games, and Story Puzzles. The original fairy tales include: The Boggart Story: (B1-E2), The Giant Who Never Slept: (B1-E2), The Knights Who Never Returned: (B1-E2), The King Who Grew Too Tall: (B1-E2), The Lonely Giant: (B1-E2), and The Magic Horse: (B1-E2). The Fairyland of Stories CD is available on: CD, cassette, and CD ROM. The Fairyland CD is the only game from the series that will play with the included CD-ROM drive. The Fairyland CD is part of the Fairyland Party Game which includes the Fairyland of Stories CD, the 3 themed party games, and the Fairyland Christmas Tree. Gameplay The game is played through 6 fairy tales, each being an adventure in their own right. Each tale is to be completed by the player, and the player is awarded points for correct answers (on quizzes), or when a fairy tale is completed (story puzzle), or for what is done in between (mini-games) (note: the game is supposed to be completed in under 4 hours, with each of the fairy tales being about 25-30 minutes long). There are ten mini-games, five mini-games require an A-B-C type quiz, while five of the mini-games require a class test type quiz. A list of the mini-games can be seen here, with the length of each on the right hand side. A more detailed description of the game can be seen here. Three themed games also play a part in the game, with each one having a different theme. These themed games are: Fairyland Quiz (designed for primary school), Fairyland Word Quest (for secondary school), and Fairyland Christmas Tree (for primary school). A more detailed description of each of these games can be seen here. On top of the fairy tales are a large number of bonus games, these include: Story Puzzles, Classic Games, Story Puzzles, and Mini-Games. A more detailed description of these can be seen here.




Fairyland 3 Tests Booklet Rar
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