The Touch of the Brush: Mark-Making, Calligraphy and Gestural Unity in Painting

Date: November 5 - 8, 2020    first day is a 1/2 day lecture

Cost: $795

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


In painting, composition is  much more than a system of rules or the placement of objects.   Composition is the entire relationship of parts to whole, from the individual brushstroke to the largest shape.


Brushstrokes themselves, far from being just surface texture, are carriers of direction and intent: every mark has a character and is part of the composition, moving the eye through the canvas, creating structure and meaning in painting. 


This oil painting workshop will focus on the gesture of brushwork and its role in making strong compositions.  Work will be from still life. We will also use some Chinese ink painting techniques as a path to understanding the gesture.


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