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LORI HESS (click here to go to her website)

Watercolor: Painting the Face and Figure in Watercolor from Photographs

October 26 - 29


Skill level: all levels

This is a great workshop for those who have always wanted to paint people but feel
intimidated. Lori will show you how to get more comfortable with the process and
believes all the miles already logged on your brush are easily transferable to this
subject. Students will be asked to bring their own photo reference and a completed
contour drawing from which to work in class.

The goal of the course is not rushing to complete a finished portrait but to offer
specific tools and practices which can be taken home by students and added to their
repertoire of skills on their painting journeys.

In this four-day class, each day will start with a short visual presentation covering
specific painting mechanics. Next, Lori will paint for the class on a completed
drawing of her own while sharing her insights. During each day’s demo she will also
touch on the ideas of listening to your own intuition, the many benefits of slowing
down during the painting process, what makes a good reference photograph and
drawing, and how to interpret rather than ‘copy’ from photo references.


The balance of each day the class will paint and Lori will interact individually with each student.


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