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JUDI BETTS (click here to go to her web site)

Watercolor Painting ... A Quest Toward Xtradordinary

March 21 - 24, 2024

$625 (incl. materials)

Skill level: all levels

Judi Betts, AWS is an internationally recognized painter, instructor, and author, whose paintings continue to win major awards and acclaim. Creating watercolors that ‘sparkle’ is her trademark. Judi is author of Watercolor … Let’s Think About It! (5th printing) and Painting … a Quest Toward XTRAORD!NARY.  


In this workshop, you will explore traditional and contemporary approaches to painting; and learn to generate new ideas. You’ll also learn to simplify design, use color and light in exciting ways, and capture mood and emotion. We’ll explore the spatial relationships of shapes. A variety of under-painting challenges will be emphasized.


Judi’s workshops are upbeat, fun filled and exciting. Judi is an outstanding presenter, freely sharing how she paints, sees and thinks. The workshop is designed to give you knowledge to help you create award-winning paintings.

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