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JEREMIAH PATTERSON (click here to go to his web site)

Painting a Watercolor and Egg Tempera Figure or Portrait - from sketches to photo reference to final panel


August 11 - 15


Skill level: all levels

This 5-day workshop will walk each participant through the techniques and creative process used to make a portrait or figure egg tempera painting. The workshop will begin with the development of initial sketches of our portrait model in pencil and watercolor drybrush (a great medium to plan an egg tempera). Then the workshop will discuss and teach strategies for taking our own photo references of our model, including how to stage proper lighting and how to make sure to use multiple references for the best outcome.


The last four days will be spent on the execution of the final egg tempera panel painting, made by referring to both our sketches and photo references. By working from initial sketches to a final result, participants will be shown the entire creative process used to work from both direct observation and well considered photo references. In addition, participants will learn sketching, drawing, watercolor drybrush and egg tempera techniques


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