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JENNIFER GENNARI (click here to go to her website )

Painting the animal portrait

April 19 - 21

Tuition: $650

Skill level: all levels

In this three-day course, you will learn not only the traditional method of establishing value, and exploring color, but also what to look for in your subject that will breathe an extra bit of life into the portrait.


In this workshop we will work in an alla prima style where students will learn the stages of oil painting.  The process will be streamlined to expertly capture and maintain the strongest impression of the subject as possible, in the fastest time possible.


Students will be welcomed to the course with a painting demo and Q&A followed by a day of painting.  A nice balance will be maintained through the workshop of allowing the freedom to work and explore individually, and tight supervision so you'll always feel comfortable and confident.


 Students will bring their own images of the portraits that they’d like to paint




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