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JEFF HEIN (click here to go to his web site)

Portrait Painting

June 17 - 20


Skill level: all levels

There are many criteria that go into creating a successful portrait. While capturing a good likeness of the sitter is very important, it’s not enough. A great portrait feels alive, evokes emotion, and captures the viewer through the beauty of its maker’s compositional and aesthetic choices. 


In this portrait painting workshop Jeff Hein will discuss what he believes to be the key elements of creating a great portrait.  He will discuss creating a concept, formulating good composition and designing of marks, strokes and color. Jeff will also break down the formal process of painting a head into its most basic parts; drawing, value and color. As Jeff demonstrates each morning, he will show his techniques and discuss key principles associated with these three areas. While students paint from a live model each afternoon, Jeff will critique and assist on an individual basis in an effort to help each student become a stronger portrait painter.

Jeff and students will each do a single portrait over the duration of the workshop. The goal will be for students to witness, learn, and try the entire process that Jeff uses to complete a finished portrait.

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