Alla Prima Portrait Painting

Date: August 7 & 8

Cost: $325

Skill Level: all levels

Direct painting allows for a vital connection with the subject.  Staying consistently present to the model in front of us as we paint changes the way that we see. The result is a fresh and very dynamic painting based on our immediate observation rather than preconceived notions of what we think we know about the subject and the portrait.  In this workshop, we will learn to create powerful portraits from our models that go beyond the surface. 


It’s so important to have a solid start.  I will be demonstrating a variety of techniques and answering any questions that come up along the way.  We’ll focus first on identifying and drawing the planes and shapes of the face.  After the drawn head is dimensional and solid, we can begin to apply light and shadow and block in our values.


Finally, we will experiment with different applications of color as they apply to the mood we are after.  Each student can work at their own pace and receive the insights needed for their own personal breakthroughs.  A well-painted portrait is one of the most difficult and rewarding subjects that an artist can paint. 


Lean in, painting the face will open your eyes. 


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