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with Jim Lamb


August 14

Fee: $150

For artists at all levels


 Workshop Goals/Materials Basic One to Four-Day Workshops


It will be my purpose in the workshop to cover the steps I use in producing a landscape painting. I will demonstrate as needed or requested by my students, as well as give personalized instruction. Students of all levels of experience will be welcomed who are truly interested in learning…and you may work an any media preferred, although my primary focus will be in oil painting.

We will begin with a discussion of materials and equipment, followed by a layout of the palette. It will not be the goal of the class to produce finished works of art, but rather to be involved together in the process of solving problems during the creative process, from the viewing and selection of the subject through to the application of the paint to the canvas. We will discuss the importance of composition and design, stressing simplification in the massing of values and shapes, as well as the mixing of harmonious colors and the use of textural application of paint. I hope to spend every day on location painting plein air, because I believe that the most spontaneous and truthful work can only be produced from the direct study of the infinite varieties nature presents us. If it rains, we will make an alternate plan for the day.


Materials list