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ADAM CLAGUE (click here to go to his web site)

Creating Dynamic Still Life Paintings in Oil

Date: October 20 - 22

Tuition: $450

Skill level: all levels

Still life painting can be highly rewarding, but it can also be intimidating. Perhaps your past attempts to paint fruit have looked flat and formless. Maybe the colors in your flowers have appeared “chalky” or “muddy.” Perhaps you’ve struggled to arrange a good still life in the first place! If these difficulties sound familiar, you are not alone. I’m excited to show you how to conquer these challenges and many more in this information-packed workshop.


You'll learn how to…

• Identify the colors in your subject with the 3 Questions for Correct Color
• Capture even the most subtle colors with my 6 Guidelines for Mixing Color
• Make fruit and other objects look 3-D and not flat
• Create forms that look properly rounded with “warms” and “cools”
• Draw your viewer’s eye from across the room with the 5 Principles for Powerful Paintings
• Avoid “chalky” or “muddy” color

• Arrange dynamic still life setups with confidence

I’ll begin each morning by sharing vital principles for still life painting. Then, I’ll demonstrate those concepts in action as I paint from life. I’ll verbalize my thoughts and show you my process. Each afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to paint from a life as I offer one-on-one assistance and critiques. Please join me for a wonderful time of fun and learning!


Materials List

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