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ADAM CLAGUE (click here to go to his web site)

Painting Backlit Fruit

Date: June 20 - 22

Tuition: $500

Skill level: all levels

In this workshop, I will teach my passion—backlit fruit! I’ve always loved painting the still life, but once I discovered the beautiful effects of backlighting on semi-transparent subjects like citrus fruits, I knew I had found a lasting source of inspiration. Backlighting can provide great drama in your work and is a unique departure from traditional frontal lighting. And the vivid colors of glowing citrus flesh—what a joy to paint!


I’ll start each morning by sharing essential principles for painting backlit fruit. Then, I’ll demonstrate those concepts in action as I paint from life. I’ll verbalize my thoughts and show you my process start to finish. Many of the principles in this workshop can be applied to a great variety of subjects. Each afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to paint from life as I offer one-on-one assistance and critiques. Please join me for a wonderful time of fun and learning!




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