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AARON SCHUERR (click here to go to his website)

Fresh and Direct Landscape Painting

June 14 - 16

Tuition: $600

Skill level: all levels

From thumbnail sketches to finished paintings, you will be encouraged to paint with confidence and intent. You’ll learn to paint it in a way that is direct, simple, fresh, and honest. The workshop will be a mix of plein Air and studio, engaging in fun exercises designed to focus on value, color, and shape. 

From that foundation, you’ll explore edges, atmospheric perspective, color and shape relationships, composition, and mood. I’ll show how pastel and oil are interrelated, and how there are valuable lessons to learn from each medium. Most importantly, you’ll learn to paint with greater intention.


Through demonstrations in pastel and oil, group discussions, composition walks, painting exercises, and plenty of individual instruction, you will learn to approach the landscape with enthusiasm and confidence. This workshop is open to pastel and oil.

Also a fun PowerPoint Presentation on Aaron Schuerr’s backcountry painting adventures. (He has  painted his way across the Grand Canyon, over The Beartooth Mountains and more….).

Oil materials List

Pastel materials list

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